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Poster: bullie89 Date: Sep 27, 2012 6:05pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: For the Video Cellar regarding music

I was unable to find a color print of Adventure Island with Rory Calhoun. I have a film from 1929 which I think is in the Public Domain. It is called 'So Long Letty' with Charlotte Greenwood. I ripped the VIDEO_TS and converted it to an .avi. Here are the details from the IMDB:

It says 'Own the Rights? Put up a Poster.' I also have a film called The Common Law which I think also may be PD. It stars Constance Bennett and it is from 1931. Here is the info from the IMDB for that one:

I really do not know how to check if something is PD or not beyond whatever is listed on the US Copyright Database which does not go back that far.

Regarding my problems with the music in these PD films, do you advise I get an attorney to ask them to whitelist me or should I contact them myself?

There are so many films you have restored lately I cannot keep up with you! Request 'The Red House' for your list. This film is rather noisy and there are a few copies in the archive that are not the full film.

Please let me know about the status of the films and I will upload them. Also please let me know what your advice is for the music.

Many thanks! Charade is definitely PD! :)